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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Monitoring & Evaluation

At Putteridge Primary School, we have a very robust cycle of monitoring and evaluation activities.

Every term, the Leadrship Team (SLT, Phase Leaders and Year Group Leaders) carry out a range of actions that ensure the following;

  • we know our school very well
  • that we can swiftly identify any aspect of the school that needs development / improvement and put actions into place to ensure this happens
  • ensure that all children are provided with the tools to enable them to realise their full potential

The termly cycle of monitoring & evaluation is as follows;

  • Assessment week - this happens every 4 months, usually within the first half of each term. For Year 6, SATs assessments are carried out in each of the half-terms prior to the actual SATs tests which take place in May each year.
  • Pupil Progress Meetings (PPMs) - the teachers and leaders from each year group meet with the SLT and the data from Assessment week is scrutinised to identify any individual children who are not making the progress that they should. Actions to address these issues are discussed and agreed and are then subsequently assessed for impact at the next PPM
  • Parent Consultation evenings
  • A week of monitoring teaching & learning - all teachers are observed teaching and are provided with verbal & written feedback about areas of strength in their teaching and areas needing improvement. If necessary, support from colleagues will be provided to model effective teaching & learning approaches. Children's books are also scrutinised to ensure;
    • that the school marking and feedback policy is being followed and is leading to improved pupil outcomes
    • that all children are being presented with an achievable challenge in their work
    • that the quality of presentation is high
    • that expectations of all pupils is high

As part of the monitoring of teaching and learning, leaders assess the quality of the learning environment created by each teacher within the school.