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Putteridge Primary School

Putteridge Primary School

Communication with School

There may be times when you wish to discuss a matter relating to your child. To ensure that this can happen as effectively as possible we have established the following procedure which we ask you to follow;

  • Class teacher – always the first point of contact and where the vast majority of queries are answered
  • Year leader – if for any reason matters need to escalate, this will be the next step
  • Phase leader – Mrs Gardner (Upper KS2 - Yr5 & Yr6), Miss Marshall (Lower KS2 – Yr3 & Yr4) and Mrs Hamilton (KS1 – Yr1 & Yr2) are then the next point in the process
  • Deputy Head / Assistant Head – Miss Chinnery has oversight of KS1 & Foundation Stage and Mrs Prowle has oversight of SEND across the school - they are the next step in the chain
  • Headteacher – finally, I would only become involved if all previous stages had failed to reach a satisfactory resolution

We would also ask that you let us know what you would like to discuss prior to a meeting being arranged (in the case of communication with class teachers, this is usually via the home / school diary). The reason for asking you to let us know what you would like to discuss is so that we can gather the necessary information prior to any meeting taking place.

Please do not try to arrange an 'ad hoc' meeting as teachers are dismissing the children at the end of the school day. You can (additional to the information above) leave a message at the office that you would like a meeting with your child's teacher (again, stating the reason for the meeting). The teacher will then communicate a date & time via your child's home / school diary.